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By Accident

One evening, the boys were playing downstairs when I heard horrific crying.  I raced down to find Adrian lying on the floor screaming. “It was an accident!”  Yelled Stephen. “What happened?” “I accidentally kicked Adrian in the head!” “How did you accidentally … Continue reading

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2nd Birthday: Party and Puke

Part I: The Party Reid and Will’s birthday party, in conjunction with an Easter party at my Aunt Julie’s house, was a great success.  (Unlike last year, when we spent the week of their birthday being sick, uninvited the party … Continue reading

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It’s all relative

When I had Stephen, I felt overwhelmed taking care of a baby.  It was all new to me: swaddling, diapering, nursing, bathing, etc.  It took me an hour to pack the diaper bag in preparation to return to work.  Grocery … Continue reading

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The Talk…Almost

While doing some high-quality internet surfing, I came across a picture of a woman who attached her baby to the train of her wedding dress and dragged her down the aisle.  Of course the photo was being obnoxiously shared and furiously … Continue reading

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Having a Fit

Stephen Gilbert Vogan put the “terrible” in the phrase “terrible” two’s.  In 2009, I completely totally 1000% understood why that age earned the adjective “terrible.”  At the slightest provocation (ie his granola bar breaking, asking him to clean up 3 cheerios, … Continue reading

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I need to meet up with a fellow preschool mom tomorrow to give her a costume, but we don’t know each other.  We spoke tonight on the phone. “How will we find each other?”  She asked.  “Should I text you … Continue reading

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The generosity of Stephen

Me: “Stephen and Adrian!  Come vacuum the popcorn you dropped in the kitchen!” Stephen and Adrian:  “Ok, Mom!” Stephen:  “Adrian, since you like using the central vac SO much, I’m going to let you do it all!  If you need … Continue reading

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