Meet the Boys (and me!)

This blog is about my motherhood journey.  I am writing our life–messy, crazy, and funny–for my own therapy and hopefully to help other moms out there, if only by giving them a laugh!


Jenny and Eric

Eric and I were married on June 3, 2006…we’ve packed a lot into our 7 years together!


Stephen was born July 16, 2007.  He is an active first grader, asking tons of questions and always keeping us on our toes.  He loves superheroes, playing with his friends, and being a big brother.


Adrian was born July 29, 2010.  He is our precocious, hilarious preschooler.  He is always busy running around the house learning, creating, and destroying!



Will and Reid were born April 9, 2013.  We were SHOCKED to find out we were having twins…more boys, of course!  They are growing like crazy, developing their own personalities, and making us realize we had it easy with only one baby!




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