Been played

“Time to make your lunch and wipe the table,” I told Adrian.

His little eyes welled with tears and he looked at the floor, twisting his fingers.

“I….I….I’m too tired to do my chores,” he said quietly.  He glanced up at me sadly.  “I’m so tired,” he repeated.

“Aw,” I said.  “Do you want to just go straight to bed then?”

He nodded, tears sliding down his cheeks.  “But….but what about my lunch?”

“I’ll take care of it for you,” I assured him, patting his shoulder.  “It’s important for you to get your rest.  You had a long day at school.  But you have to go right to bed.”

He smiled through his tears and sniffled.  “Thank you, Mom!  I’ll go straight to bed,” He promised, giving me a big hug.  “I wonder what you’re going to make me!  I’m going to go put on my PJ’s!”  His brown eyes shone like a cute little fawn.

“I’ll make you a nice lunch, you get your rest,” I said, feeling like a good mom taking care of her baby.

Poor little Adrian,  I thought.  So tired after all his hard work at school.  Poor little guy, so worried about his lunch.

“AAAAARRRRGGGH!” I heard shrieking from the basement.

Then again, “AAAAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!!!”  Followed by the twins squealing and loud bangs.


I stopped making the ham sandwich and went downstairs.  Adrian, not in his PJ’s, was chasing the twins at top speed and yelling.

“I thought you were so tired you had to go straight to bed!” I exclaimed.

Adrian stopped immediately and his face dropped.  “I….um….I am really tired Mom!”  He tried to wipe the big grin off his face and replace it with a pout….unsuccessfully.

“Yeah, if you have energy to chase and wrestle the twins, you have energy to finish your chores.  Go back upstairs.”

Adrian stomped angrily up the stairs and finished all his chores, with chasing energy to spare.

Mom got played!





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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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