Modern Childhood

My mom and I spent the night with Stephen and Adrian in a hotel on the north side of town for a spring break stay-cation.

When we turned on the TV, Adrian asked, “Where are the shows?”

“They’re on the channels,” I said.  “You have to flip through the channels to see what’s on.”

“But where are my shows?” He asked.

“They’re not here, there’s not a library of your shows.  You just have to see what’s on right now.”

We channel-surfed, Adrian looking very confused about the process.  We found a movie and watched for a little while, then decided to go down to dinner.  I turned off the TV.

“Mom!” Stephen exclaimed.  “Why didn’t you just pause it!?”

“It’s live TV,” I said.  “You can’t pause it.”

The boys looked at me blankly.

“TV shows come on at a certain time, on certain channels,” I explained.  “When you don’t have DVR or Netflix, you have to watch them at the time they are on.  And you can’t save it for later.  That’s always how it was when I was a kid.  Shows only actually come on once a week, at a certain time, and if you want to watch it, you have to watch it at that time on a particular channel.”

“Why didn’t we get a better hotel that’s not like the olden days?”  Stephen asked.

Grandma stepped in.  “When I watched TV as a kid, you had to actually get up to change channels.  And there were only 3 channels,” she volunteered.

Stephen shook his head in amazement.  “Let’s just go,” he said.  “I’ll play my kindle and watch TV at home!”

Oh, the stresses of a modern childhood….



About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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