Potty Training (again still)

I am potty training Reid and Will *gasp*!  Although it’s been 3 weeks, I have withheld this vital information from my blog because

a) if it was a dismal failure after day 1 I didn’t want to have to recant everything

b) if it was an unbridled success it would be better gloating to just announce that it was done

c) if it turned out to be a good story, I’d need all the material for my post

So….drumroll please….the answer is….C!

I started the process with trying to remember how to potty-train.  Not being a first-timer, you would think I would know what to do.  But I didn’t really.  Stephen was so good that he was no good for parent training.  He potty-trained himself in a day (you knew I had to work a little gloating in at some point).  It went like this:

Me:  “Stephen, come get your diaper on!”

Stephen:  “No!  Be naked boy!”

Me:  “Well, if you want to be naked then you’ll have to potty in the big boy potty.”

Stephen:  “Ok!”

Done.  My parenting skills are unparalleled.  (to be fair, he had major regression when Adrian was born and revenge-pooped in his closet when we tried to enforce naptime….but basically, he was potty-trained)

How did I potty-train Adrian?  I cannot for the life of me remember.  I thought Eric did the bulk of it over summer break, but he claims I potty trained Adrian.  Thankfully, I have a blog!  So I read all about it Here.  Not super helpful, thanks 2013 Jenny.

I asked Eric what we did, and he said, “Isn’t that when the twins were babies?  I don’t know.  That was during the fog.”  I nodded sagely.  Yes, the Twin Fog of 2013/14.

Nonetheless, I busted out the stickers, set a timer, pulled off the twins’ diapers, and off we went!  And…they’re doing ok.  I KNOW Stephen picked it up faster than this.  I think Adrian did, but of course I don’t actually remember.

They both seem to have pooping on the potty down.  I vaulted that hurdle with ice-cream bar bribes (Eric said we DEFINITELY didn’t do that before.  Adrian only got M&M’s.  But hey, there’s been some inflation over the last few years, and with 2, the stakes are higher.)  There have been a lot of ups and downs, no-accident days followed by puddles all over the floor.

Will is proving a conundrum.  Every morning, he announces, “All done diaper!”  Takes his diaper off, throws it on the floor and runs away bare-bottomed.  He appears to be delighted about peeing in general, and is equally pleased no matter its location.  “Look Mom, I peed in the potty!”  He says proudly.  We hi-five and pick out stickers.  Ten minutes later, he appears, chest out proudly.  “Mom, I peed on the floor!  Come see!”  He runs to a puddle and enthusiastically inspects it on the floor.  He helps me clean up, but unfortunately he enjoys wiping things and doesn’t like it if I don’t let him help enough.

“Mom, I peed on the couch!”  “Look Mom, I peed in the potty!”  “Mom, I peed on the floor again!  Come see!”  “I peed on mine computer!”

I got tired of cleaning up all his puddles and put him in pull-up diapers today.  He doesn’t like them, but ironically, they stay dry.  I think the only thing he doesn’t like is not getting to see the pee come out, because that’s just boring.  I am hoping if he knows he has to wear pull-ups if he has an accident, he’ll keep it to the potty.

Reid, on the other hand, cries about taking off his diaper and begs to wear it.  But I tell him, “No, sweetie, you don’t need it because you’re not a baby anymore.  You go in the big potty now!”  Reid cries tragically on my lap while Will dances a naked dance, proudly pumping his fists in the air.  “We’re big boys!”  he proclaims, peeing on the floor.

And then Reid goes potty perfectly all day.








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