Big Little Brother

For all my worrying about Adrian getting middle child syndrome, he is proving himself in his new Kindergarten habitat.  He’s having no trouble making friends, and Stephen is taking notice.

I asked the boys what the procedure is for buying lunch at school.  “So you get your lunch, and then…what?  You tell the lunch lady your name?”

“Yes,” Stephen said.  “You tell her your name so she can find it in the computer.”

“I don’t tell her my name,” Adrian piped up.  “She knows my name!”

Stephen’s face fell.  “What?  I’ve been at that school longer than you, and she doesn’t know my name!”  He looked a little put out.

One day after school, Stephen shook his head in wonder as he confided to my mom:  “Adrian knows everyone on the bus,” he told her.  “Even the 5th graders!”

Stephen, sometimes socially reserved, has begun asking Adrian to accompany him on friend-finding in the neighborhood.  He’s usually reluctant to ring doorbells to find available friends.  “Can Adrian go with me?”  He asks.

“Really?  You need your little brother to hold your hand to see if your friend can play?”

“Well….” he shrugs, “Yeah….Adrian is good with everyone.  He’s not shy.”

Then last week, Stephen told me, “When I got off the bus this morning, the principal said ‘Hi Adrian’ to me.”

“Did you correct him?” I asked.  “People won’t know they made a mistake with your name unless you tell them!”

“I guess,” he said, frowning.  “But everyone knows Adrian.”

And then, the latest example of the social bigness of his little brother.  Stephen’s class has a system to compliment each other, and they are supposed to write down compliments and hand them out.  This was the compliment “Stephen” received:



Stephen handed the note to me.  “Look what someone put in my bucket!”  He exclaimed, shaking his head.  “I told her, ‘I know he’s adorable, why do you have to tell me that!?”

With adorable Adrian and red headed twins coming up behind him, the competition is getting tough!


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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