Yellow Days

Adrian has been in school for 3 days.  The last 2 days, he got his clip moved to “yellow” (for those of you not in the know, “green” means you had a good day and “yellow” means you got a warning about your behavior.)  He also arrived home with wet pants (so he was “yellow” literally and figuratively, haha).

Unlike Stephen, who would be mortified by these events, Adrian shrugged and didn’t care whatsoever.  His first yellow incident occurred because he yelled at another student; his second, he claimed is a mistake because he promises he was green all day.

He also promised (again) to tell his teacher if he has an accident so he can change his pants.

When he left for school this morning, Eric said, “Ok, have a great day buddy!  Be a good boy all day, because I want you to come home on green!”

“Ok, Daddy,” Adrian replied.  “I’ll tell my teacher to write green today!”

As we walked to the bus, Adrian rattled with each step.

“What’s that?  What do you have?”  I asked.

Adrian’s hand shot to his pocket.  “Nothing!!”

I spotted an orange tic-tac container peeking out of his pocket.  Last I saw, he was using the tic-tac box to store his rings and coins and trinkets.

“Are you bringing your tic-tac box to school!?”

“No Mom!  Stop talking to me!”  He shrieked, protectively covering the rattling tic-tac box.

I sighed.  This is an argument we’ve had many times before, when he smuggled toys, books, and other paraphernalia into preschool.  His backpack was stuffed full.  He would generously distribute these items throughout the class when the teachers weren’t looking, leaving them to wonder where the camera and all the cars came from….

When I emptied it, he sneaked it in again, and cried and stomped when his backpack wasn’t heavy.  The teacher finally told me not to worry about it, and she’d just put his backpack on a high shelf so he couldn’t get anything out (“But he’s so sweet, he just wants to share it with the class!”  She said reassuringly.)

“Fine,” I sighed.  “Just….please don’t play with it in class, ok?  Leave it in your pocket.  Ok, Adrian??”

“I won’t, Mom!  STOP TALKING!”  He yelled.

I watched him rattle on to the bus, and hoped he wouldn’t get expelled from Kindergarten after his first week!  I have the feeling it’s going to be another yellow day….


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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