Pokemon Party

Stephen was counting down the days to his birthday sleep over.

Adrian asked every day if the party was “today” and when I said, “no,” he asked if it was tomorrow, and if so, when would tomorrow come?  (I stopped telling him that tomorrow never comes when it made him cry)

We bought decorations and baked cupcakes in anticipation of the big day.  We stuffed Pokemon treat bags because, Stephen said, “I want the fun to keep going even after they go home!  If they get bags, the fun can just keep on going!”

Finally, Stephen informed Adrian that the party was not “tomorrow,” but the day after tomorrow.

“So tomorrow is Birthday Party Eve!”  Stephen announced happily.  Although none of this made sense to Adrian, he joyfully celebrated the advent of Birthday Party Eve.

When the day of the party finally arrived, Stephen danced around the house singing, “It’s the best day ev-eeer!  The best day eee-veeer!  Today is the best day!”  We blew up Pokemon balloons and hung streamers along his door frame at 7 am, before breakfast at Stephen’s insistence.  He checked the clock constantly, counting down to the magical hour of 3:00pm, when we would take his friends to Springs Trampoline Park and then home for a sleep over.

I collected Stephen’s friends, and the boys spent the car ride discussing what would happen if different things exploded and if various things came out of your butt.  This thought provoking conversation led them to decide that they are henceforth “BBF’s” (Best Bro’s Forever, as I have been informed).

After playing at the trampolines, the boys demolished watermelon, pizza, and cupcakes.  They watched a movie and were finally herded to bed, after many permutations of which bro would sleep where.

The next morning, after pancakes and bacon, the boys discovered frogs in the basement window well.  They raced around the house, trying to figure out which window well to climb down to retrieve the frogs.  Soon enough, I heard, “Miss Jenny!  Miss Jenny!  We got a frog!  And it peed on C’s shirt!”  I turned to see 6 proud, dirty boys and 1 frog stomping into the kitchen.

“Keep the frog OUTSIDE!  PLEASE!  Very cool, boys!”

They tortured played with the frog in the grass for a while.

Will said, “I get it!  I get it froggie!”  With his bravest bow-legged toddler stance, arms outstretched, he raced up to the frog, smacked it in the head, and then grabbed it around its middle.  He held it up triumphantly, its legs splayed.  Will looked very proud and also confused about what to do next.

The frog got dropped back onto the grass.  I told the boys they couldn’t keep it as a pet, and to leave it in the yard.  C begged to take the frog to his yard, and I obligingly agreed.  The boys ran down the sidewalk, proudly bearing their trophy frog to C’s house.

I later found out they marched the frog directly into C’s mom’s bathroom, where she was taking a shower.  Strangely, she did not appreciate a frog and 4 boys in her bathroom at that particular time.

“I just wanted to show him to you for a second!”  C protested while she dove for a towel.

The Pokemon Birthday Party was a success, frogs and all!  Best Bro’s Forever!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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