2nd Birthday: Party and Puke

Part I: The Party

Reid and Will’s birthday party, in conjunction with an Easter party at my Aunt Julie’s house, was a great success.  (Unlike last year, when we spent the week of their birthday being sick, uninvited the party guests, and put the cake in the freezer because no one felt well enough to eat).

This year, I made a Thomas cupcake train, inspired by pinterest, and embellished with “train cargo” my mom added.

11136774_10155451300200085_2436441473308826388_n 11138613_10155451299915085_6402892490918794679_n

Reid, Will, and all the boys loved it.


But then, the actual day of their birthday, sickness struck again…why do we consistently contract a stomach bug the week of April 9?

*WARNING, the cute content has now ended.

Part II: The Puke

The following content is not for anyone with a delicate constitution.  It is for people who secretly enjoy gross-and-sad-but-funny-in-a-sick-way-comedy, and for me, because if I am going to survive the next week of my life, I must maintain my sense of humor.  Since the pediatrician said this virus lasts a week and is extremely contagious, and only 2 children have been sick so far, there is more puke in my future.

As we all know, parenting has no manual, and I have found household sickness to require the most creativity–there are no rules for this.  So here are some lessons I’ve learned about vomit in the past 24 hours for you to keep in mind the next time your children get sick.

1) Yogurt and hot dogs, while they look cute in this picture, are not so cute when they come out.  (I didn’t take a picture of the hot dogs and yogurt after they re-emerged from Will’s mouth onto my living room carpet.  My dedication to good blog content was momentarily eclipsed by my vomit-covered baby and floor.)


2)  Toddlers think you should eat the hot dogs again, especially since they were apparently barely chewed the first time around.  (You should not allow them to eat it again.)

3)  A paper plate and plastic spoon are good for scraping puke off the carpet, and easily disposed of.

4)  If there are chunks of hot dog along with puke on your child’s shirt or bed-sheet, scrape them off before throwing everything in the washing machine.

5)  If you do not follow step 4, you will discover vomited-but-washed hot dog chunks all over your washing machine.  You can use the central vac to vacuum out the washing machine.

6) If in your eagerness to suck the hot dog chunks out of the washing machine you accidentally suck up a sock, SACRIFICE THE SOCK.  Even if it was one of your adorable polka-dot-no-show socks to wear with flats, tragically, the sock must be sacrificed.  It’s just too gross for retrieval.

7) A toddler who pukes in his sleep may not wake up, and sleep soundly in his puke puddle until morning.

8)  In the desert climate of Colorado, the puke will be dry and crusty by the time you discover the situation.  In this case, wash the toddler and his hair thoroughly, and put the bed-sheets in the washer (AFTER FIRST REMOVING THE HOT DOG CHUNKS)

9) After these incidents, you may never eat another hot dog.  This is not a bad outcome.

10)  When you have one puking twin, the other is sure to start puking soon….

To be continued….


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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