Mt Princeton 2015

My sister, my parents, Stephen, Adrian, and I just got back from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, where we soaked in the springs and skied.  We had a great time in the beautiful, snow covered mountains.  While there, we learned some life lessons:

1.  Trunk in the face–I opened the car trunk to get out the last suitcase, leaned in, and then *thwack*–the trunk fell and slammed into my forehead, scraping my skin.  Ouch.  I’m ok–just a little bruised in the forehead!  Make sure your trunk is all the way up and stable before you start unloading!

2.  Kleenex–As Beth and I drove to the ski resort (I haven’t been skiing in at least 5 years, so that was an experience), she exclaimed, “Oh no!  We forgot to bring pocket kleenex!”

I scoffed.  “Kleenex!?  I am the mother of 4.  Of course I have pocket kleenex.  I have pocket kleenex in the pockets of my pocket kleenex.”

Never fear for kleenex when you are with a seasoned mom.

3.  Phone in the cold–we learned that there is a temperature at which it is too cold for your iphone to work.  We got one picture at the top of the mountain, and then the phones shut off.  Apparently they don’t like being at the top of a windy mountain at 15 degrees.

The smart phone is smarter than we are and knows it's too cold out here...

The smart phone is smarter than we are and knows it’s too cold out here…

4.  Underwear and other essentials–it is a strange experience to soak in a 100 degree hot spring and then get out and be standing on ice in 20 degrees.  We remembered snow boots, but forgot flip flops to wear while walking between pools.  Bathrobes would have been nice, too!  And as usual, Adrian and Stephen had various underwear conundrums.  The first day, Adrian forgot his underwear (and pants) entirely and had the choices of 1) wearing a wet swimsuit back to the hotel room in the aforementioned 20 degree weather, 2) wearing a towel back or 3) going naked.  He cried about all the options, but ultimately opted for #2.  Today, Stephen couldn’t find his underwear.  We looked everywhere and finally gave up (but at least he had pants).  We eventually discovered Stephen’s underwear on Adrian, and Adrian’s underwear in his coat pocket.

Hot in the springs!

Hot in the springs!

5.  Selfies–I took my first ever selfie and posted it to social media (unwise)

Jenny's selfie

Jenny’s first (and likely last) selfie

Beth's selfie (clearly a more experienced selfie-taker)

Beth’s selfie (clearly a more experienced selfie-taker)








I was informed on Facebook by a good friend that I should hold the phone higher–but I had trouble holding the phone higher and pushing the photo button at the same time while not dropping the phone and avoiding double chin poses.  To be continued…or I’ll just keep taking pictures of my kids instead of me and that will be cuter for everyone.

6.  Boys and their toys–The boys packed 3 suitcases for a 2 day trip.  One suitcase was entirely filled with books and toys, and the other 2 contained their clothes, etc.  I look at this as an improvement, though, because last time they packed only toys and books and no clothes at all.

We had a great trip; a wonderful way to start 2015!  Happy new year!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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2 Responses to Mt Princeton 2015

  1. raineality says:

    Haha, oh Jenny, I love your posts! I miss you girl. Happy New Year!

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