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Is Santa coming to town?

I’m on the fence about Santa.  Don’t worry, not about whether or not he’s real–I think I figured that out–but about whether or not he should be “real” to my kids.  Thus far, we’ve been apathetic about Santa.  We neither … Continue reading

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Christmas Card, Live!

I love getting Christmas cards.  But I hate sending them.  So this year, I brilliantly decided to do a “live” Christmas card, aka a Christmas video.  I thought, maybe an interview of the kids would be good.  So I asked … Continue reading

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It’s ok!

Daily, this scenario occurs: I will be doing something out of sight of the kids.  Then, I hear a baby screaming, followed by Adrian desperately saying, “Shhh!  Shhh!!  It’s ok, baby!  Shhh!  Shh!  You’re ok!  Shh!  Shhhhhhh, baby!” When I run … Continue reading

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Having a Fit

Stephen Gilbert Vogan put the “terrible” in the phrase “terrible” two’s.  In 2009, I completely totally 1000% understood why that age earned the adjective “terrible.”  At the slightest provocation (ie his granola bar breaking, asking him to clean up 3 cheerios, … Continue reading

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