Adrian Talks

Adrian likes to control a conversation–as in, ALL of the conversation.  He’s begun coaching us on what we are supposed to say.  For example, one morning:

A:  “Mom!  Tell me to put on my socks!  Say, ‘Adrian, go find your socks!'”

Me:  “Ok.  Adrian, go put on your socks!”

A:  “No, MOM!  I don’t need socks!  I wearing flip-flops, see?”

And another morning before school:

A:  “Mom!  Tell me if I’m ready for school!  Ask if I ready to go to school!”

Me:  “Adrian, are you ready for school?”

Adrian, sighing loudly:  “Yes!  I ready!  I have my backpack and my shoes on, how many times I tell you!?”

He is also instructing Eric on conversation, but he allows Eric to have non-belligerent discussions.

A:  “Dad, when you get home from work and I get home from school, you ask me, ‘How your day, Adrian?’  And then I say ‘Good, how you day?’  And you say ‘Good.’  Ok?  Don’t forget!  After work and after school, you say that, ok?”

E: “Ok…”

The second Eric comes home from work:

A:  “Dad!  Dad!  Don’t forget!  Say, ‘How you day at school, Adrian?'”

E:  “How was your day at school, Adrian?”

A:  “Good!  How you day at work?”

E:  “Good.”

A:  “Good.  Good job, Dad!”


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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One Response to Adrian Talks

  1. paulg78 says:

    Today when Adrian was throwing rocks in a lake, he said “look grampa, I’m making large pancakes “.

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