Ever since Stephen was born, he (and subsequently his brothers) have been held responsible for all of my mother’s sickness.  “Your kids got me sick again!”  She’d accuse every time she got a cold.

I defended my boys.  “How do you know it was them?  Germs are everywhere–at the store, at the park, everywhere you go.  Don’t you think sometimes maybe the germs came from somewhere other than my kids?”

She admitted this was a possibility.  But after watching Adrian’s germ spreading in action this weekend, I recant.  It’s all their fault.  It really is.  The germs at the store?  My kid put them there.  I apologize to the public in general.

Adrian had a bit of a runny nose and a cough this weekend.  We went to a birthday party and then ran some errands.  No matter how many times we reminded him to COVER HIS MOUTH, Adrian coughed all over everyone and everything.

At the birthday party, I dove to put my hands in front of his mouth as he coughed on the birthday cake and the birthday girl.

At Target, he kept taking his shoes off, touching the bottom, then wiping his hands on his face.  To my complete horror, when we got to the register, he coughed and wiped his nose all over the checkout conveyor counter.  Despite my yelling telling him to keep his face off the already disgusting counter, every time I looked at him his mouth was on it.  When I made him get his face off the counter, he resumed playing with his shoes and wiping his dirty fingers on his face.

At Walgreen’s (where we went to get more cold medicine), he had to wipe his face on everything that was face level.  EVERYTHING.  And then at one point I caught him on the verge of putting his shoe in his mouth.  Apparently his goal for the day was to get his shoe dirt on his face, and then spread his face germs on the rest of the world.

So again, to the public in general, I apologize for the germs.  Next time Adrian has a cold, I will quarantine him.  Because the advantage of raising 4 germ balls is that I never get sick from them; my immune system rocks!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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