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The “Sh-” word

“Moo-oom, Adrian said the ‘sh-‘ word!”  Stephen informed me, with Adrian in tow. “Really?”  I asked, surprised.  I had never heard that word out of Adrian, and was a little skeptical that he knew it. “What ‘sh-‘ word?”  I asked, hoping … Continue reading

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Ever since Stephen was born, he (and subsequently his brothers) have been held responsible for all of my mother’s sickness.  “Your kids got me sick again!”  She’d accuse every time she got a cold. I defended my boys.  “How do … Continue reading

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Stephen’s No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

“Stephen Vogan’s feeling list of bad times.  A basketball almost hit my face, and Adrian broke my stick.  There were no carrots.  And I do not like dinner and I can’t watch TV.”

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Best Mommy

Adrian loves to love me.  Every day, multiple times, he’ll suddenly say: “I love you too, Mom!” or “You’re the best mom.  You’re my best mom ever!” He also gives many compliments.  Last week, he told me,  “Wow Mom, that … Continue reading

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The Real Reason People Don’t Use Baby Harnesses…

…Is because they don’t work!  They do keep babies attached to you.  That’s about it.  I have harnessed the babies twice for preschool drop off instead of using the stroller.  Both times it did not work well.  Why?  Because babies … Continue reading

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