Uncoordinated Kissing

Reid and Will have learned how to kiss.  One of them will get a gleam in his eye, then lean forward, mouth wide open, eyes serious, and put his open mouth on my lips.  Recently, they’ve decided to try kissing each other.  This is a hilariously uncoordinated event.  One will toddle toward the other, mouth wide open, planning to plant a kiss on his brother’s mouth.  But the other baby is usually distracted playing, and doesn’t notice the advances of his brother.  So the kiss usually ends up on a head, a nose, or occasionally results in a licked eye.  It frequently involves the kisser losing his balance and knocking the object of his affection over, ending in them lying in a pile, crying.

Now, though, they understand the word “kiss.” If Reid opens his mouth and appears to be in the mood, I can say, “Will, Reid wants to give kisses!”  And then Will looks up with a smile and opens his mouth, too.  They try to get their mouths together, but there’s nothing like toddler kisses to remind you how difficult it actually is to place your lips on the moving target of someone else’s lips, especially when both of you have extremely poor balance.  They usually manage at least one successful kiss, but the event inevitably ends with crying because they knocked each other over, someone’s tooth rammed into someone’s head, or the kisser decided stealing his brother’s toy would be more interesting than kissing.

I guess grownups aren’t too different from toddlers.  In our attempts to show love, we frequently end up stumbling over ourselves and hurting each other!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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