I HATE moving.  HATE it.  Starting with my first move at 2 1/2 years old which precipitated a months-long stutter.  I enjoyed many unique childhood experiences as a military brat, for which I am grateful, but I was nonetheless thrilled when my dad retired to my native Colorado and we stayed put from the 5th grade on.  I vowed I would never marry a military man (sucess!)  I did not follow the Reid girls’ tradition of dating Air Force Cadets, opting instead to date lowly high schoolers my own age (causing maternal eye-rolling and my mother’s reminders that she only dated cadets from age 16 on).

But when I became pregnant with twins, I realized our 3 bedroom 1400 square foot home was about to get real cozy.  I contemplated finishing the basement and making the big boys live in tents in the yard.  Eric developed a habit of stalking and dreaming of bigger and better.

“Seriously, hon, we’re outgrowing this house,” he said, enthusiastically virtual-touring me through his latest dream house.  “We’re going to have to move eventually.”

“Fine,” I said, “I’ll look at houses.  But I am NOT MOVING unless we find something perfect that we love.”

We casually checked out a few homes, but didn’t see anything we really liked.  The boys continued to grow, our house continued to shrink, and after returning from Florida in early June, a particular house Eric had been watching on the rental marked popped up for sale.

“We have to check this one out!”  He said.

We played it cool during the showing, but when we got back in the van, I looked at Eric.

“So.,.I kinda sorta loved it,” I said.

“I kinda sorta loved it, too.”  He said.

“Should we do this?”

“Let’s do it!”

We made an offer that day.  Now, almost 2 months later, after much negotiating (thanks to my tiger mom), financial juggling, many shed tears, sleepless nights, and packed boxes, WE’RE HERE!

And we don’t kinda sorta love it.  We REALLY REALLY love it.  Because it’s a 4 bedroom, 3 car garage, 3900 square foot stuccoed ranch at the back of a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance from Eric and Stephen’s respective schools, 5 houses away from our babysitter,



Kitchen and upstairs living room

Kitchen and upstairs living room

with an amazing yard


awesome basement

Play can stay this messy!  I don't care!

Play room…it can stay this messy! I don’t care!

Downstairs TV room

Downstairs TV room


and did I mention the huge master suite

Master bedroom with adjoining sitting room

Master bedroom with adjoining sitting room

and covered back patio with fans??

Pack patio and yard

Back patio and yard


So darn him, Eric found the perfect house and made me move.  Now I’m glad he did.  But barring any crazy unforeseen circumstances, it will not be happening again!  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, come check it out, and you can even stay with us–we have room for company now!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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3 Responses to Moving

  1. raineality says:

    Yay! That last part makes me do a happy dance! Congrats on such a lovely new home! I can’t wait to see it in person one day.

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