Babysitting for the Vogans

Eric and I went on a date tonight to go see Brian Regan (hilarious!)

Before we left, I gave the babysitterS (yes, 2 teens required for 4 boys) the instructions:

“Bedtime is at 8.  Call me if you have any problems.  Oh, and also, make sure you keep the bathroom doors closed or the babies will play in the toilets.  And watch the lazy susan, they pull out all the spices and play in the cocoa powder.  If the pantry door gets left open, the babies will take out all the tupperware and most of the crackers and cereal.  Make sure the trash can is pushed all the way into the corner with the opening toward the wall, or the babies will pick out the trash and play with it.  If you put anything in the dishwasher, be quick about it, because they’ll grab the silverware and dishes.  Never turn your back to an open dishwasher because the babies will climb on to the open door and hang on the top rack.  Keep the wipes off the floor or the babies will open them, pull them out, and eat them.  Just a tip: when changing a diaper, keep one hand on the baby at all times or he’ll flip over and run away naked (but also make sure you keep the other baby from stealing and eating the wipes while you’re distracted)  Also, if any couch cushions fall on the floor, pick them up immediately or the babies will use them as a step to get on to the couch, then they’ll climb on the end table and knock the pictures off the walls.  They will also open the desk drawers and pull out all the paper and pens.  And if you’re in any bedrooms, they’ll open the drawers and pull out the clothes.  Watch out for books, they pull the books off the shelves and Will rips books (paper and board) apart like a gorilla baby.  And don’t leave anything near the edge of the table or counters because they’ll get that, too.  They like to suck a pacifier at bedtime, but you probably won’t be able to find any because the babies hid them either in their truck or in the couch.  So look there.  Any questions?  Ok, great, have fun tonight!  Bye!”


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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5 Responses to Babysitting for the Vogans

  1. raineality says:

    This is why I never babysat as a teenager.

  2. raineality says:

    Who am I kidding… or as an adult.

  3. paulg78 says:

    That does sound like fun!

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