Recently, I attended an ultrasound conference in Denver.  An entire afternoon was spent on managing twins, especially monochorionic twins (twins in the same large sack who share a placenta).  Twins in general are high risk; monochorionic twins are at especially high risk because they can develop additional complications due to sharing a placenta. (mainly twin twin transfusion syndrome)

We learned that when you see this picture (2 babies in one big sack, yes this is my 7 week ultrasound)


Alarm bells should be going off in your head, because you know it’s an extremely high risk situation with statistics like this:

–The incidence of monochorionic twins is 0.2%

–two fold increase in the risk of preeclampsia, post partum hemmorhage, and maternal death

–50% of monochorionic twins will be growth restricted

–15% develop twin-twin transfusion syndrome

–60% will be preterm

–30-40% perinatal mortality

–four times the loss rate of dichorionic twins in the first 20 weeks

–2% increased risk for minor abnormalities, 4% increased risk of major, including heart abnormalities

–75% of mothers will develop gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension

So when I saw that picture in MY uterus, I was FREAKED OUT.  I know all the things that can go wrong with twins, period.  I really know all the additional things that go wrong with monochorionic twins.  I tried to stay positive, but I knew the odds were against us.  And how many of those horrible things happened to us?

Zero.  Zip.  Nil.  I had a completely uncomplicated pregnancy and went on to have a successful, uncomplicated vaginal delivery at term.  Reid was only barely low birth weight.  Other than a few weeks on oxygen (not uncommon at high altitude), they were extremely healthy, and continue to be our healthiest babies.

When I first got pregnant, I wondered how we got so unlucky as to become spontaneously pregnant with such rare and risky twinning.  But now, I wonder how we got so lucky as to have two healthy, happy babies.  The world is such an unfair place.  At work, I see most people have a healthy baby.  But other times, I see how one, or even part of a chromosome can have devastating effects and change a family forever.  I see low risk pregnancies turn into an emergencies out of the blue.  I see babies whose hearts stopped beating for no discernible reason.  The good and bad happen to everyone; the nice people, the rude people, the old people, the young people.

I don’t know why we got to be the lucky ones in a risky world, but I am grateful and I thank God every day for my healthy twins and my healthy singletons.  Whatever else happens down the road, I will remember that at least we won the lottery 4 amazing times.





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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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One Response to Lucky

  1. raineality says:

    Yay for healthy babies! I’m so glad you guys were the lucky ones. Love you all and your boys (even though I’ve never met half of them).

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