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Bathtime Battles

There were 2 washing teams: team Baby Bath and team Big Boy Shower.  I captained Team Baby Bath; Eric captained team Big Boy Shower Baby Bath: Master tub in the master bathroom.  Filling the tub, undressing the babies, all is well. … Continue reading

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The Talk

Stephen and I had “the talk” in the car yesterday.  Don’t worry!  Not the talk you’re thinking of!  The OTHER talk.  The drugs/alcohol talk.  (Although I have explained that babies happen when seeds in a mommy’s tummy get together with … Continue reading

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The Sell

When you’re a mom, you have to jazz up the stuff you want your kids to do and downplay what you don’t.  For example, when Stephen and Adrian were wheezing with likely RSV and had to get nebulizer breathing treatments: Me: … Continue reading

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Recently, I attended an ultrasound conference in Denver.  An entire afternoon was spent on managing twins, especially monochorionic twins (twins in the same large sack who share a placenta).  Twins in general are high risk; monochorionic twins are at especially high risk … Continue reading

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Babies on a Plane Part II: The return home

After I considered looking at houses in Florida to avoid the flight home, and Sue failed to convince Cliff to take her spot on the plane, we built up our courage and prepared to yet again board an airplane with twin one … Continue reading

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Disney World

  Do you remember Disney World?  So do I.  It was AWESOME; I saw princesses, and Mickey, and rode rides–I was transported into an amazing fantasy world.  We took our kids to Disney, and….it’s not really like that. It’s hot.  The … Continue reading

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