Contrary to my last blog post, I typically feel the opposite of loser (occasionally feeling like a loser is probably good medicine for me).  Usually, I feel like things will work out and go my way.  When I was 16, I remember explaining this to my dad on a trip at my grandfather’s mountain cabin. I told him, “I don’t know why, but I feel like things always work out for me.”  He initially responded with concern, thinking that perhaps I would be crushed by life’s challenges if I always expected things would go my way.  But then he reconsidered–maybe this quality is just optimism, and I interpret that events go “my way,” which is a good way to view life.

Right after we had this conversation, we headed home.  I was at the wheel of our minivan driving down a steep, snowy road.  I turned the wheel, but the car slipped on ice and did not turn, instead sliding into a snowbank.  We weren’t hurt at all, but we were stuck!  We barely had time to realize what happened when a truck with 5 men and shovels pulled up behind us.

“Are you stuck?”  One asked.  “Don’t worry, we’ll have you dug out in a second!”

They set to work, and within minutes we were back on our way.  My dad looked at me and laughed.  “I can’t believe that just happened!  Maybe things really do just go your way!”

Though of course I’ve had disappointments, I’ve maintained my optimistic attitude.  I’ve occasionally gotten myself into trouble by not having a full plan because I have faith that things will work out.  But hey, they usually do!

My most recent incident happened when I ordered themed plates and cups for Reid and Will’s birthday party.  There was FREE shipping, but only on the slow delivery.  The free shipping option said my items would arrive on Monday, April 14.  My party was on Saturday, April 12.  I debated.  Pay for shipping, or take the free option and risk it arriving late?  These things usually come earlier than they say, I reasoned.  It’ll probably be fine!  It’ll come early.  I checked the “Free shipping–arrival date April 14” box.  I was slightly worried it may really come on Monday, but pushed it to the back of my mind, confident that it would work out and come early.

The next day, I came down with a stomach bug and was sick all night long.  When I stopped throwing up long enough to check my email, I had a confirmation: “The item has shipped.  Delivery date: Monday, April 14.”  Hm, I thought…maybe it really IS coming on April 14! And then the Vogans and Beth will have gone, the party will be over, and this will be wasted.  (And what would I tell people, “Yes, I checked the April 14 box, and got 2 emails saying it would arrive on April 14, but I didn’t REALLY think it would arrive on April 14!  I thought it would come early!  Just because!”)  I decided to call and see if it was really coming when it said.  The stomach bug had shaken my confidence in things going my way.

The customer service representative confirmed the email: April 14.  She said that she would send me the same order, but with faster (aka not free) shipping so it would arrive Friday, April 11 and then I could return my initial order when it arrived after the party.  I agreed, proud of myself for double checking and ignoring my instinct to be optimistic about the box’s arrival.

On Thursday, April 10, I got TWO boxes: my initial order PLUS the second order.  Both early!  I knew it all along!  Stupid stomach bug making me doubt myself!  But no biggie, I’ll just return a box…no problem…

To be continued..,..


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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2 Responses to Optimistic

  1. Rainey says:

    Haha I’m extremely jealous of this super power you have. I’m glad things work out for you that way, though! That’s some awesome optimistic mojo.

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