Garage sale

Stephen’s reading class had a “garage sale” today.  They were supposed to bring in something small that they don’t want anymore to donate, and then they can get something different.  Stephen picked out a few cars that he said he doesn’t play with anymore.

Yesterday, he saw one of his classmates bringing in a Cars wallet to donate.  At dinner, he told Adrian, “I’m going to get you a cars wallet tomorrow!  I saw it, and I know you love cars, and you want a wallet, so I’m going to trade a pencil, football ring, and two quarters to get you a Cars wallet!  You’re going to be so excited you’re going to explode into a million pieces like a bomb!”

Adrian’s eyes widened.  “I a bomb!?”  He asked excitedly.

“Yes, when you get the cars wallet, you’re going to explode like a bomb!”

“Um…I hope he doesn’t explode like a bomb,” I said.

“Not REALLY explode, Mom,” said Stephen.  “He’s just going to be so happy he’s going to feel like he’s exploding.”

“Oh,” I said.

Adrian and Stephen grasped hands happily and chattered on about wallets and bombs.

Today, Stephen successfully got the wallet…Adrian didn’t explode, but he was excited!

Thank you, Stephen!

Thank you, Stephen!

Until he realized he only had 1 dollar for his wallet…then he threw a tantrum, because he wanted 3 dollars….


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One Response to Garage sale

  1. raineality says:

    Hey, that’s more than I have in my wallet sometimes. Lol!

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