The race is on!

Normally, I’m all about the sisterhood of mothers–moms helping each other, supporting each other, etc.  I especially feel a bond with my fellow moms of multiples (MoMs) and do whatever I can to help them.  HOWEVER, this spirit of togetherness dies, DIES when I am in the parking lot of the YMCA.  There are only 5 spots for babies in the YMCA childwatch.  I have been turned away numerous times because they are at baby capacity.  Now I’m not a crier, but getting rejected at childwatch after I got ready to go to the gym, packed 3 little kids into the van, unloaded 3 kids, and walked them into the building, expecting to have 2 hours of me time as my reward..well *sniff sniff* that brings me to tears!

9 am is the magical hour.  You MUST be at the child counter by 9 am or they will be full.  On Fridays, I drop Adrian off at preschool at 8:30, then I go to the Y.  So I’m cutting the 9 am deadline really close.  This morning, after desperately rushing to get Adrian dropped off at exactly 8:25, and jump back in the van with the babies, I rolled into my parking spot at 8:50.  I looked up and saw another mom popping open the back of her van and getting out…a DOUBLE snap’n’go stroller.  Just like the one in the back of my van!  My heart sank.  NO!!!  If a set of twins beats my set of twins in there, we are TOAST.  I KNOW there aren’t that many baby slots open right now.

That’s when it hit me: we HAVE to beat that lady in there.  I leaped out of the car, popped my trunk, and opened the side doors.  I glanced across the lot and saw my competition had a toddler with her.  Score!  He’ll slow her down big time.  We can totally beat her!  I grabbed the babies, threw them into their stroller, and RAN, avoiding all eye contact with the other MoM who had one baby loaded and was getting #2 out.  I arrived at child watch, breathless but overjoyed to see that I made it in time!  Right after checking in my kiddos, a line formed and child watch was maxed out.  My fellow MoM?  Waitlisted.  

I felt guilty, but it’s a tough world out there ladies, and I NEED my workout.  If I see you at the store, or church, or Starbucks, I’m here for ya, Sister.  But if you’re at the Y with a baby, then you’re my competition.  And I’ve got my running shoes on and my snap’n’go stroller ready to roll!  



About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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2 Responses to The race is on!

  1. Rainey says:

    LOL! I love you, Jenny! I am seeing this all in my mind right now. I even hear the Jenny growl of determination as you race toward the door.

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