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Because I said so!

Remember how before you had kids, you’d see moms doing/saying less than stellar things, cluck your tongue, narrow your eyes, and think, when I have kids, I’m NEVER going to do/say XXXXX?  And now that you are a mom, you’ve pretty … Continue reading

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Phone Magic

The phone is somehow a magical instrument that makes my kids desperately need things.  Everyone will be happily, independently playing until….the phone rings. “Hello?”  I answer. Immediately, 4 little heads pop up and the babies start crawling toward me.  Stephen and Adrian suddenly … Continue reading

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The Nastiest Baby Award

Goes to….William! He wins this prestigious prize for: 1. Taking off his diaper and smearing poop all over himself, his crib, and everything else he could reach. Props to his Aunt Julie for cleaning up…she was the unfortunate nanny during … Continue reading

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The race is on!

Normally, I’m all about the sisterhood of mothers–moms helping each other, supporting each other, etc.  I especially feel a bond with my fellow moms of multiples (MoMs) and do whatever I can to help them.  HOWEVER, this spirit of togetherness … Continue reading

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