Facebook Envy

Just so you know, now that I have a n-used Iphone, it’s easier than ever to make you jealous of me and my fabulous life through social media.

I can take selfies of myself looking awesome alongside my incredibly hot husband:


I can easily post pictures of my kids being cuter than your kids:



I can post where I am having all the fun you’re not having that I didn’t invite you to:

I can show you the amazing food I’m eating that you can’t enjoy:


While also posting how skinny I’m getting and talking about how I go to the gym all the time:




(Not to mention OMG and LMAO)


And you can admire the baby hat I knitted out of earth friendly organic yarn based on a pattern I found on pintrest:

Stay tuned to my Facebook page and blog for more of my fabulously fantastic life (which is obviously much more beautiful and fabulously fantastical than your life)


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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2 Responses to Facebook Envy

  1. Raney says:

    Haha! So jealous! 😛

  2. Rainey says:

    Okay… and why am I just now noticing that my comments come up as “Raney”? Ugh.

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