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The thing about chairs…

Is that you should SIT in them.  If you do not, they are extremely dangerous.  I never knew how dangerous chairs were until I had sons.  Every day, I tell them, “SIT DOWN in your chair.  That means put your … Continue reading

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The Panda Express

As you may imagine, we do not go out for dinner as a family very often at all.  Our last attempt, pre-twins, was a rather disastrous event at Applebee’s in which Stephen spilled a glass of water over the ENTIRE … Continue reading

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Adrian’s Day

At dinner last week, I tried to explain Valentine’s Day to Adrian. “Adrian, on Friday it’s going to be Valentine’s Day!  That’s a special day when you get to tell all your friends and family how much you love them. … Continue reading

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A little help from Little Brother

As you may know, Stephen is a super-forgetful-dawdler.  It takes him 10 minutes to brush his teeth, go to the bathroom, or basically do anything in the bathroom because he sings and talks to himself in the mirror for at … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’m going to give the girls the vegetarian dinosaurs and the boys the meat eating dinosaurs because girls are calmer and nicer than boys, right Mom?”

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Facebook Envy

Just so you know, now that I have a n-used Iphone, it’s easier than ever to make you jealous of me and my fabulous life through social media. I can take selfies of myself looking awesome alongside my incredibly hot … Continue reading

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The Sickness

It all started with four little words: “Mommy, my tummy hurts!” Warning, this post is not for the weak-stomached. “Ok, honey, get in the car and rest and we’ll go home for nap time.” “But my tummy hurts!”  Adrian cried … Continue reading

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