Twin update: 8 months!

Wow…wow wow wow…is that what you thought when you saw 8 months!?  It’s hard to believe the babies are this old already!  When I asked fellow twin moms during my pregnancy what the first year was like, they inevitably said the same thing: “It’s really just a blur.”  Now, I totally get that.  It is just a blur!  So I’m racking my sleep deprived blurred brain to try and give you some specifics about the twins’ lives thus far.

Where they are now:

Moving: They began crawling within days of each other.  Who crawled first?  Depends on your definition of “crawling.”  Reid army crawled first, and was super fast at getting around that way.  Will patiently rocked and rocked and rocked on all fours until he could crawl “properly” and first crawled in the traditional hands and knees, belly off the floor style.  Reid, though quite mobile, got his belly off the floor 2 days later.  Now they are working on pulling themselves up!

Sleeping: This has especially been a blur!  (you can read about it here and here and here) We’ve gone through so many sleep permutations, from co-sleeping with both of them, to both in the pack’n’play, to co-sleeping with one, and now, finally in their own cribs in their room!  I feel like we have finally crossed over to a do-able night time routine (I know, I said it out loud….ahhh).  Reid usually wakes only once to nurse, and Will wakes up twice.  I’m still up three times, but it’s at least do-able now!  I’m thinking about night weaning Will and trying to get him to drop a night feeding…we’ll see how that works!

Eating:  I still nurse them both, and they are also eating solids.  Reid likes yogurt, cereal, bananas, green beans, carrots, squash, and


sweet potatoes.  Will likes….chewing on the spoon.  And occasionally he will condescend to open his mouth for yogurt.  If you put finger food in front of them, they excel at raking it all into their laps.  It doesn’t occur to them to try to eat it.  Paper?  Shoes?  Tissues?  Legos?  Underwear?  Milk storage bags?  Oh yes, straight in the mouth.  But food?  Not so much.

Playing: As far as these two are concerned, the funniest people in the world are their big brothers.  They laugh and laugh at the big boys’ antics.  (see video here)  And the big boys, in turn, love being comedians.  Adrian loves to play with them, but frequently gets too rough, so we’re working on that.  They also get into toy wars with each other and have started talking to each other from their cribs.

Growing:  Reid was born 5’3 oz; Will was born 6’9 oz.





At last weigh in a month ago, Reid was 16 lbs and Will 16′ 9.  Reid jumped from the 5th % to the 20th and Will is going strong in the 25%.  Reid is rapidly catching up to his brother and literally keeping him on his toes pulling up on everything in sight and trying to climb the stairs.

So are we normal yet?  Well…almost normal…it’s taking at least twice as long to achieve the “new normal” as it did with one baby.  It’s definitely MUCH MUCH easier than the first six months.  The babies are napping longer and more predictably; they are sleeping longer at night.  They are happy exploring and playing on their own.  Sometimes we can even leave the house as a family!

We are still exceptionally grateful to my parents and Julie and Rex for all their help.  My

Julie and babies

Julie with Reid and Will

mom, Becky, still does all the grocery shopping (!!! I know, she is totally awesome, and I’m so lucky to have her) and makes us meals.  My aunt Julie also brings dinner over weekly and nannies the babies when I work (!!!  Yes, I am SUPER DUPER lucky).  We could maybe possibly kind-of do it all on our own, but we’re happy we don’t have to try (or find out how maybe possible it would really be)!

I am truly now feeling in love with the babies and feeling more blessed than stressed.  I am overjoyed to have two healthy, happy, thriving babies.  It definitely makes all the work of pregnancy and nursing x 2 worth it.

Happy 8 months, babies!  Many more to come!

twins and mom

My twin sister, Beth, Mom, me, and Reid and Will


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One Response to Twin update: 8 months!

  1. Rainey says:

    Yay! Happy 8 months, babies! 🙂 I love them without even knowing them. I’m glad you’re finally in something of a routine and can enjoy more now than you did before. It’ll only get better, right? 🙂

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