Catching the girls

Stephen spends recess every day chasing the girls (which you can read about here).  When I ask him what he does at recess, he sighs in exasperation at my slowness.

“Mom!  I told you!  I chase the girls!  I always chase the girls every day at recess!”  Duh.

“What will you do if you catch one?”  I ask.

He rolls his eyes.  “I don’t know, Mom.  I just chase them!  That’s what I always do!”

Ok, right…got it.  Chasing.

Today, we learned why you should have a plan for catching if you’re chasing.  The school called to tell me that Stephen had an accident on the playground and hit his head and now sported a large egg-shaped bump on his forehead.  They wanted me to stop by and see if I thought he was ok, since the nurse wasn’t there to check him out.  I went to school (twins and Adrian in tow) and gave him the thumbs up to return to class (he’s looked worse, delivered worse, was in fine spirits, etc.).

An hour later, they called again to say he needed to come home because his head was really, really hurting.  So I packed everyone up again and drove back to school.  He bounced happily into the van, singing to the twins and hitting himself in the head to make them laugh!!!  (and it does make them laugh.  They already appreciate slapstick comedy)  I told him to STOP HITTING HIMSELF IN THE HEAD.

He quit bouncing, looked at me blankly, and asked, “Why?”  !?!

Aaaarghraaaar!!!!  I got Adrian up from his nap to rescue poor injured Stephen for this!?  (and subsequently had a tragic napless meltdown.  Me, not Adrian…but anyway…)

When we got home, I made Stephen go to bed despite his insistence that “he felt fine now, but when he was in class his head really really hurt.”


“Well,” I responded, “I’m very worried about you since I had to come pick you up at school, so I want you to go straight to bed and rest so your head can get better.

“But Mom, I can rest on the couch while I’m watching TV!”  **Blinks little innocent blue angel eyes**IMG_6478

“NO!  Go to bed!  But first, how did you fall, anyway?  Were you chasing the girls?”

“You know I was chasing the girls!  That’s what I do every day at recess!”

“Ok, so you were chasing the girls, and….”

“And I tripped on the girl I was chasing!”

I think he needs a plan for what to do if he catches the girl he’s chasing instead of just falling over her.  Maybe we should get him a girl-chasing helmet, along with knee pads and wrist guards.  And next time his head “really really hurts” he can ride the bus home!


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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  1. raineality says:

    Hahaha oh my…

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