Everywhere I look there are socks.  Socks on the living room floor, socks on the stairs, socks on bedroom floors, socks in the toy box, socks stuffed into corners.  But whenever anyone needs a pair of socks, I can’t find two that fit them!  The boys’ drawers barely close because they have so many socks, but it takes me forever to find a pair of socks that match and fit.

I realized why I am having problems when I did the math.  6 people needing 2 socks per day=12 socks per day times 7 days/week= 84 socks per week.  84 socks per week, people!!!  That means if I do laundry weekly, I have 84 socks to fold and sort.  And even if you don’t include adults taking off their socks and flinging them about wildly (I’ll admit, I’m the guilty party here.  I hate socks, and take them off as soon as I get home and put them wherever), there are 56 pairs of children’s socks per week.  As those of you with young children know, it’s basically impossible to keep a 3 year old’s socks on and baby socks on.

All together, there are 5 different size feet (one perk of having twins–one less size to worry about), so you have 84 socks/week that have to find the right match for the right size person.  It’s crazy!  No wonder there are socks everywhere.  84 socks per week is 336 socks monthly!  4,032 socks annually!!!  And you can’t keep all the 4,000 annual socks because the kids/babies will outgrow them before the end of the year and you’ll need to go through the socks AGAIN and get new ones!

Eric said we should just get rid of all the kids’ socks and buy new ones and start all over again.  As tempting as his suggestion may be, I am going to have a sock day and go through all the socks, try to find which ones fit who and put them in the correct drawer (egads, what a concept).  And maybe I’ll try putting each kid’s socks in a mesh bag to wash to keep them sorted in the correct size…has anyone tried that?

Ahhh, now I understand why I am overwhelmed by the socks.  Phew, all the things you didn’t think about when you decided to have kids.  SOCKS!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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