Adrian has always been obsessed with lights, finding them, turning them on and off, pointing out any and all lights.

Eric recently put some lights in garden.  They are solar lights that come on automatically when it gets dark.  Adrian’s favorite hobby is watching these lights and closely monitoring whether they are on or off.  As we eat dinner, he watches out the window to see if they will turn on.

“It dark, me go naptime, lights on Mommy?”

“Yes, the lights will come on when it gets dark.”

“Ooooooh, I love ’em!”  Adrian says enthusiastically as he watches.

Every night as soon as they blink on, Adrian runs outside in his pajamas to inspect each one.

“Light on!  Light on too!”  He happily cries, bouncing around the garden to touch each one.

In the morning, the routine reverses.  We come down the stairs for breakfast and he looks out the window.

“Lights off?  Sun come, lights off?”

“Yes, the lights are off until tonight.  The sun is out now.”

“Oh,” he says.  “Lights out!  Sun come out!”

My dad bought Adrian his own nightlight to indulge this obsession.  It was a “Cars” nightlight…two of Adrian’s favorite things in life combined!  Unfortunately, the little nightlight did not survive the night.  Adrian was constantly plugging it in and out and in and out and trying to pry out the LED bulb (I think that’s what did the poor thing in).  He wanted to sleep with it, but he also wanted it to be lit.  He was very upset that both of these things couldn’t happen at the same time and couldn’t decide what he wanted more: for the light to be on or to have it in bed with him.

The next morning when he discovered it was broken, he called my dad.

“Grampa!  Light broke!  You get me new one, ok?  You buy me ‘nother one.”

Of course Grampa obliged…Adrian now has a new (hopefully tougher) under the sea nightlight.  Grampa cleverly bought him one where he can’t even try to take the light out, it’s inside an underwater-globe.  He plugs it into all the outlets in the house and carries it around in his pocket…just in case he passes an outlet to put it in!


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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