Yes! I agree!

I have decided to simplify my life by nodding and agreeing to 3 things that keep popping up.  I have an insatiable need to give details and make sure everyone COMPLETELY understands EVERYTHING.  This is getting exhausting for me, is probably way too much info for the strangers who didn’t care that much to begin with, and almost always ends up with me drawing diagrams and talking about chorionicity (which as a super nerd, I love, but as previously stated, exhaustion and strangers not caring).

So I have decided that I will just agree with the following things and not tell all.  But to satisfy my need to set the record straight, here is the real true detailed story.

1.  Do twins run in your family?

I experimented with saying “yes” to that question before, but got exasperated almost immediately because the next statement would be:  “Oh, so you weren’t surprised when you found out you were having twins…”…?????  Really?  OF COURSE we were surprised to find out we were having spontaneous identical twins.  Come on, people!  I don’t care how many twins you have in your family, seeing two babies on your ultrasound is SHOCKING and FREAKY.

So I’ll also have to work on my answer to part B of that one: “No, you idiot we were just surprised that our first two were singletons!”

The detailed answer:  Yes and no.  I am a twin, and my grandmother is a twin.  HOWEVER, my twins are identical and identical twins are not genetic (though my pediatrician says there are some studies showing they can be).  I am a fraternal twin but my parents were taking fertility medicine, so we don’t count.  We don’t know if my grandmother was fraternal or identical.  So there are sets of twins in my family, but it’s hard to say if it’s a genetic trait or not.

New easy answer: Yes, twins do run in my family!  Therefore, we were not surprised at all!


2.  People will see me with the twins, or Adrian and a twin, and say, “Wow, two little boys!  You have your hands full!”

The detailed answer:  Actually, I only have one hand full right now.  I have 4 little boys, so it’s easy to be out and about with only two.

New easy answer: Yes, I do!  Feel sorry for me!  Buy me gift cards!


3.  The Vogan Legend

I don’t know where this came from, certainly not me or Eric.  But for some reason (probably because it’s way more interesting than the real story) it persists and I keep hearing people tell it!  The legend goes like this:  “Jenny and Eric were just going to have one more baby (trying for a girl, poor dears) and wound up with twin boys instead!  Wow!  Aha ha ha ha.” 

This occasionally includes a morality-tale ending depending on the listener’s situation: “Hope you don’t end up like them if you try for a third!  A ha ha ha ha.”

The correct answer: We were just having another baby.  We didn’t care very much whether it was a boy or a girl (though we were certainly expecting it to be ONE of the two).  We were planning on having more children after that, and had always planned on having 4 or 5 kids (but again, we were thinking consecutively rather than simultaneously).  Fine, I know why no one tells the real story…BOOOORING….ok

New easy answer:  Yes!  Feel sorry for me!  Buy me gift cards!


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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