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Sleep Wars: The Battle Rages On

Two steps forward, one step back (or in twin terms, four steps forward, two steps back): the twins’ permanent beds are now their own cribs in their own room.  However, one of the two sleeps in our bed most of … Continue reading

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Muny, Muny, Muny

Stephen has started getting an allowance.  We read a Love and Logic parenting book, Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats, about how to use allowance to teach your children how to manage money.  One of the things they advise is having … Continue reading

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Everywhere I look there are socks.  Socks on the living room floor, socks on the stairs, socks on bedroom floors, socks in the toy box, socks stuffed into corners.  But whenever anyone needs a pair of socks, I can’t find … Continue reading

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As we walked in to the YMCA today to meet my dad for swimming, I prepped Stephen on his expected behavior. “Stephen, how are you going to behave today with Grandpa?” “Good!” “Ok, good, what specifically are you going to … Continue reading

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Know when to fold ’em

Every July, our dear friends from church invite a group to their cabin in the mountains for fishing and a barbecue.  This year, the date was set in May, and with 4 week old twins, I was promising nothing, but … Continue reading

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Adrian had his evaluation for vision therapy today, and I DO NOT like his therapist.  I liked her just fine until she finished her evaluation and informed me, “He’s a little developmentally behind.” WHAT!?  Eh?  Did you JUST SAY that … Continue reading

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Little Scrooge

Adrian has some change that he keeps in his “Cars” piggy bank.  However, he can’t just leave his rattling treasure alone; he constantly takes it out, accidentally raining coins around the house as he plays.  Yesterday, he was in one … Continue reading

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