The Twin Sleep Cycle

I have written a few posts on my sleep struggles taking care of two babies, and thought I’d update the current sleep situation.  The eternal problem with babies is that as soon as you get something figured out, they change and then you have to figure it out all over again.  Our sleep(less) journey has been an endless cycle of figuring out something that works, and then the babies change, and then we have to come up with a new plan.

The original system, when the babies were in their first weeks and still being supplemented, was that they slept together in the pack’n’play.  Every 3 hours, I would nurse one, hand him off to Eric for a bottle, then nurse the other and hand him off.  When they became better nursers and we no longer supplemented at night, I nursed them together on schedule and they slept in the pack’n’play.  Soon enough, being up exhausted me, scheduling went down the drain, and I began taking a baby to bed to nurse and fall asleep with him.  The only problem with this plan (which worked wonderfully with Adrian), is that we have TWO babies (that little complication keeps cropping up).

One night/morning at 3 am, Eric was rocking Will trying to get him to sleep enough to tolerate getting put into his cot.

“You know,” I said, “He would fall right asleep if he were with me.  So you can either keep trying to rock him to sleep, or you can just put him in the bed and then go sleep on the couch.”

Eric thought for a few seconds, handed me the baby, and retired to the couch, never to return…seriously, he still sleeps on the couch…maybe someday he’ll come back…

This method of me sleeping with 2 babies worked great, I’d sleep in the middle and snuggle/nurse one and then roll over and snuggle/nurse the other as needed.

BUT THEN…the babies got bigger and bigger (who would have guessed?) and got too big for the 3 of us to share a bed without me getting kicked and punched all night long.  So we went to one sleeping with me, the other in the cot.  The cot baby was forever fussing and wanting to get in bed with the rest of us, so it was an hourly merry-go-round of snuggle/nurse/ cot, snuggle/nurse/ cot, at times with me sleeping at the foot of the bed while the babies took up the main part.

This became WAY too exhausting, leading to our current predicament (which was me so sleep deprived I was crying and couldn’t figure out how to work the coffee maker).  Now, I sleep with Will and Reid sleeps in a baby rocker next to Eric’s couch and Eric feeds him a bottle.  Until they both wake up at 5 am and we put them in their swings.

We are hoping the next sleep permutation will be: twins IN THEIR OWN ROOM IN THEIR OWN BEDS and Daddy sleeping in HIS OWN BED with Mommy…

The twin sleep cycle continues…


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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