Conversations with Stephen and Adrian


*Eyes wide with amazement*  “Whoa, Mom, this toy was made in China!”

“Yes, it was.”

“Wow, A LOT of toys are made in China!”

“Yes, most toys are.”

*Shaking his head in disbelief*  “It’s a good thing we have China people or we wouldn’t have any toys!!”



“Mom, let’s talk about our bestest…I mean our best….I mean our BFF’s.”

“Our BFF’s!?  What’s a BFF, Stephen?”

“It means Best Friends Forever.”

“How do you know if someone is your BFF?”

“If they’re really nice to you, then they’re your BFF.  Like me and A, we’re BFF’s.  And Spongebob and Patrick, they’re BFF’s.  That’s another example.  Who is your BFF?”

I haven’t thought about BFF’s since sixth grade!  I guess he is learning something at school.  In the back of the van the other day, he and Adrian were both singing, Weeee-eeee….are nev-ah ev-ah ev-ah….getting back togeth-ah….” much to my and Eric’s chagrin.  Thanks, pop culture!



*In the bathtub* 

“Mommy, I get my shirt on, my unnerwear on, my pants on.  I go zoo gramma grampa.  You no come.  You drive, you take me, you no talk me about it.  I go gramma grampa.  Get my shoes on.  Yes?  I go now.”

Wow, I guess someone knows what he wants to do after bath time…and it’s not go to bed!


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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