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Conversations with Stephen and Adrian

Stephen *Eyes wide with amazement*  “Whoa, Mom, this toy was made in China!” “Yes, it was.” “Wow, A LOT of toys are made in China!” “Yes, most toys are.” *Shaking his head in disbelief*  “It’s a good thing we have … Continue reading

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Right now, I feel like I’m teetering on the fine line between “stressed-but-ok” and “overwhelmed.”  I am used to being planted firmly on the green field of “stable and on top of things,” so this is a new experience for … Continue reading

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I felt it again this week: that little pang I get sometimes when I remember our challenging birth experiences.  I was trying to explain to a first-time mom patient what “normally” happens after you have a baby and realized I … Continue reading

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The Pink Eye

It all started three Saturdays ago when Stephen called from the bathroom, “Hey Mom!  Did you ever notice that my eye looks kinda funny?” “What do you mean your eye looks fun…whoa.  Holy cow, dude.” I entered the bathroom to see Stephen … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived

People are always asking me, “Are the babies sleeping through the night yet?  Are they sleeping well for you?” Last month, I was able to reply with a smile and a shake of the head, “No, we aren’t sleeping yet. … Continue reading

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6:30 am at the Vogan House

Babies: Asleep snugly in bed Adrian:  “Bwaaaah!  Aaaaah!  No talk me!”  *fall on the floor crying* Eric: *cold stare*  “Grrrr…” Me: *Bleak eyes*  “Do not ‘hey mom’ me until I finish my coffee.” Stephen:  “Good morning!  Hey Mom!  Hey Mom! … Continue reading

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No Talk Me!

Adrian, our adorable little three year old, is living up to his full three-year-old capacity, aka destroying everything he can touch.  Whenever mayhem is found: “Why is there water all over the floor?” “Why is the floss all ripped out … Continue reading

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