In Training

We started potty training Adrian a few months ago.  We had a successful week, but then Adrian decided that going to the toilet EVERY TIME you have to pee is too much trouble (especially when you’re busy playing trucks), so he melted down, wet his pants, and got his little butt diapered again.  Per the pediatrician, we were “letting him be in control of the process and not pressuring him.”

Fast forward a few weeks.  We are quickly tiring of having THREE boys in diapers, especially when one (big one) of them has a tantrum when his diaper needs to be changed and knows exactly when he needs to go.  Per us, we decided, it’s time…the diaper is coming off!  We brought back the bribes full-force: sticker chart, M&M’s, potty dance, etc.  With a few minor accidents, we were back on track!  Adrian was a successful potty-peer, at least naked…slap undies on him and he wets himself within minutes.

But the child WOULD NOT sit on the potty to poo.  He started waiting until he got a diaper on at naptime to poo.

So when he really really had to go, and was begging for a diaper, Daddy put him on the pottty and shoved M&M’s into his wailing mouth to keep him there.  Until #2 came out…and then Adrian realized it wasn’t so bad going on the potty after all.  Daddy bought him a milkshake to celebrate.



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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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