Stephen started Kindergarten last Monday! As predicted, he hopped happily on the bus and rode away without a second thought about his mommy…whose eyes were glistening with…um…some additional moisture.

Adrian and I went to the zoo with a friend to keep ourselves busy and distracted.

Everyone had a great day, and Stephen returned home happily, commenting that his favorite part of Kindergarten was the “fun” and could he please go ride his bike with his friends?

By Wednesday, Stephen was exhausted (the bus picks him up at 6:55 am). When I woke him up, he cried, “What time did I go to bed last night?? I’m TIRED!” Then angrily, “Mommy, you put me to bed too late!” I was putting him to bed at 7:30! We adjusted it to 7:15 and this morning he was waking me up for school. I think I need an earlier bedtime!

Adrian does not seem phased by the loss of his brother. He absolutely loves going to the bus stop and watching the bus. This morning he lined up with the rest of the kids to board and was not happy when the bus left without him.

I am enjoying a quieter house and getting one on one time with Adrian. It’s a new world! 🙂


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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One Response to Kindergarten!

  1. raineality says:

    Aw! I can’t believe little Stephen is in kindergarten! Waaahhh!

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