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Stephen told me that if he works hard in school and listens, he gets skills.  Being a Napoleon Dynamite fan, I couldn’t pass up such a golden opportunity. “What kind of skills?”  I asked.  “Liger drawing skills?  Nunchuck skills?” “No, Mom,” … Continue reading

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Stephen started Kindergarten last Monday! As predicted, he hopped happily on the bus and rode away without a second thought about his mommy…whose eyes were glistening with…um…some additional moisture. Adrian and I went to the zoo with a friend to … Continue reading

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Some of the lines from my last post have been swirling around in my head all week.  They begged my subconscious to turn them into a poem!  So…I wrote a poem (eek!  Hello, English Major days!)  Without further ado, here is … Continue reading

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Open Hands

God is teaching me to hold my things with open hands. After buying a van in March and paying delayed medical bills in June, our savings account is as bare as it was when Eric and I began it.  My wonderful budgeting … Continue reading

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