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I guess everyone has their hobby, and my boys as toddlers have very serious fixations. When Stephen was a toddler, he LOVED putting things in his mouth.  I know all kids put stuff in their mouths, but Stephen was OBSESSED … Continue reading

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The gyro bowl

My twin sister, Beth, gave Adrian a “spill-resistant” gyro bowl for Christmas.  The inside bowl moves around so the bowl always stays upright.  Adrian has taken its spill-resistance as a personal spill challenge.  He now spills more with that bowl … Continue reading

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Stephen, Drama King

Yesterday morning I actually got to sleep in until 7:30 (yay!) and was in a good mood getting breakfast going for the kids before school.  Then, I did an AWFUL HORRIBLE THING….I accidentally bonked Stephen in the head with his … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

With the a new year always come new resolutions…that are lucky to be kept until my birthday (January 30)!  But alas, what else are we to do except keep resolving to be better?  So here goes: 1.  I will blog … Continue reading

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