Little Mom

Tonight we went to “soup night” at St. Paul Catholic Church. Stephen ran around with the kids while I chatted with an older couple. Their grandaughter Madison, a 9 year old, asked to hold Adrian. She was quite the little mommy! She wanted to carry him everywhere with her. She asked me if he needed his diaper changed and was sorely disappointed when he didn’t. She wanted to put him on the floor to see him try to crawl, but unfortunately it was too dirty. She also got my baby wipes and carefully wiped the drool off his chin and wiped off his fingers after he sucked on them. Adrian liked her, too–he especially liked chewing on her long hair! I wanted to take her home to be my little nanny.

She reminded me of me at her age. I remember loving babies and wanting to take care of my little cousins, and I always wanted to change their diapers! I couldn’t wait until I turned 12 and could take the Red Cross certification to be a babysitter. Madison looked at me longingly and said that she couldn’t wait to babysit.

On the way home from church, Stephen tried his darndest to get me to laugh. He’s the best at getting Adrian to laugh. All his attempts at telling jokes included the words “stinky” or “pants.” I told him that he should think of a joke that didn’t have any “stinky” or “pants” in it, but he couldn’t think of any. He begged me to tell him what he could do to make me laugh. When we got home, he took off his clothes and then put his legs through the arms of his t-shirt. That definitely made me laugh, although it did still have to do with pants!


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Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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