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Mommy’s flowers!

Eric, Stephen, and Adrian went to Lowe’s yesterday while I was at work. When they came out of the store, Stephen cried, “Daddy! We forgot to buy Mommy flowers!” Eric told him they don’t sell flowers at Lowe’s, but Stephen … Continue reading

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Big Boy Helper

Last week I had my first successful shopping trip with a baby and a three year old! My WONDERFUL AMAZING mother has been doing most of my shopping since I had Adrian. Two weeks ago, I shopped with the boys … Continue reading

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Rethinking “stay at home”

Sad news about my job. The perinatologist I’ve been working for told me that they don’t have the patient volume right now for another tech after all. Until their numbers come back up, hopefully in the spring, I’m out of … Continue reading

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Are you raising a brat?

I watched an episode of Dr. Phil called, “Are you raising a brat?” Of course, there was no shortage of video of wild children and screaming mothers. It sufficiently scared me into buckling down on my Love and Logic skills, … Continue reading

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