No more Mrs. Nice Mommy–AKA Mommy’s Toy Shop

Yesterday, I got sick and tired of tripping over toys. I was also tired of bugging Stephen to pick up. I had already tried putting left out toys in the basement for a few days, but Stephen didn’t seem to care about the missing toys. I decided that he has so many toys he doesn’t care much about them. So it is time for a new chapter in Toyland.

Yesterday I repossesed ALL of Stephen’s toys, even the very few that were in his toy box. They went into a corner in the basement, which will be known as “Mommy’s Toy Shop.”

Today, he opened up his toy box and gasped. “It’s empty!” He said, and looked at me, shocked.
“That’s right!” I said cheerfully. “I started a toy shop! Since you didn’t take care of your toys, I put them in my shop. You can go shopping for them if you want.”
Stephen’s eyes lit up at the new game. “Ok!” He said excitedly. We went to the basement and looked at all his toys. When he tried to take one upstairs, I asked, “Stephen, where is your money?”
“I don’t have money,” he replied.
“Bummer,” I said. “My toys aren’t free. You have to buy them, just like mommy has to buy things at the grocery store.”
“I don’t have money,” Stephen said.
“If you vaccuum, I could give you one dollar for a toy,” I suggested.
Stephen vaccuumed the upstairs and got a “dollar” to shop. He raced downstairs and bought his guitar. When he was done playing with it, he left it on the floor.
“Oh, goody!” I said. “Another toy for my shop!” Stephen raced to his guitar and threw it hurriedly in his toy box.
“Can I have another toy?” He asked.
“Sure!” I said. “Where is your money?” After realizing he was out of money, he brought his laundry downstairs and started the washing machine. He earned another dollar and bought himself another toy.
Stephen keeps asking for toys, but that was all the work Stephen wanted to do for one day, so the toys have stayed in my shop. Maybe he’ll get motivated again tomorrow! Either he’ll learn to pick them up or they will stay in the basement, but either way they won’t be all over the place. He did make some new messes by leaving his shoes out and throwing the clothes out of his drawer. He has one dollar left, but alas, Mommy’s Toy Shop will be closed until the new messes are cleaned up.


About jennyvogan

Author of "Stephen's Mom," a blog documenting the funny, crazy life of raising four boys while keeping my day job as an ultrasound tech.
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3 Responses to No more Mrs. Nice Mommy–AKA Mommy’s Toy Shop

  1. raineality says:

    Well played, Momma. I’m impressed that he does chores already! I’m not even sure I knew what the washing machine was at his age. Haha.

  2. Donna says:

    This is quite possibly the most genius idea I have ever heard!!! I will have to remember this when I have kids.

  3. Karen K says:

    This is awesome! I was just thinking to myself yesterday that my kids have TOO many toys! Now I know what to do!!!! Thanks!

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