Stephen’s Firsts

I think one of the most fun things about being a mom is getting to experience Stephen’s “firsts.”  Things that are not interesting to me (ie garbage trucks, ice cream trucks, planes flying overhead, rocks) are vastly thrilling when seen through the eyes of a 2 year old boy.  His firsts, espcially, are steps toward his independence and growth.  He had 2 new firsts this past week, but I’m not sure how much he liked them!

After at least a month of nagging from Eric, I took Stephen to get his first haircut.  He has been bald most of his life, and didn’t really start growing hair until he was 2.  It had become very curly and unruly in the back and around the sides.  I was hesitant to cut it because I didn’t want to lose his baby curls!  It is also another step in his growing away from me and into his own little boy (Eric laughs when I say things like that and wonders how I will survive Stephen going to college or getting married if I cry about haircuts).  True as this may be, I resisted cutting Stephen’s hair until even I realized how crazy his little side wings looked compared to the other neatly groomed boys at our library’s “Toddler Time.”

I took Stephen to Kiddie Kuts, where he could play with lots of toys until it came time for his haircut.  He sat quietly on his booster seat, looking very suspicious and concerned about the proceedings.  He did very well, but started fussing about 3 minutes into it and had to be calmed with his pacifier.  All the distress was forgotten, though, in the joy of the lollipop he got at the end.  When anyone asked what he thought of getting his haircut, he exclaimed, “Haircut and a lollipop!  Green!  Yum yum!”

His next first came on Saturday when we went ice skating with my parents.  Stephen ice skated for about 2 minutes before saying, “Grandpa hold you!  All done ice skating.”  We coaxed him to remain on the ice for a while, and he practiced marching along, being carried by Grandpa or Dad, and getting generally dragged around on the ice.  I think he enjoyed his ice skating, but it was a challenge for a person who trips over nothing at all on flat ground.  The rink also had a “Chik-fil-A” ice skating cow there, and Stephen really liked seeing the cow.


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One Response to Stephen’s Firsts

  1. raineality says:

    Hehe I wish I could have been there for the ice skating first! I’m proud of him that he didn’t cry for his haircut. 🙂

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